What's up now?

September 17, 2021

Some fun projects are floating around the Stay Other offices these days - many of which I’ll share very soon. One of those projects is the blog:

I started this blog in the isolation of the pandemic and the middle of the Black Lives Matter movement. My fiancé (now amazing wife) was working full time from home while I anxiously watched and waited for the world to “come back”. The blog was created as a personal coping mechanism. A tool for self-expression outside the confines of academia and rules.

I haven’t come close to exercising the full potential of the blog. It was never meant to do that really. For me, it’s a platform to explore feelings, ideas, and the creative energy that lives within the SO team.  

With all of that said, I’m making an effort (right now) to utilize this platform regularly. Expect a regular dose of what’s on my mind, projects we’re working on, some questions for you, and maybe even a meet-up (if you’re vaccinated). Let’s stay in touch!

Stay healthy and Stay Other,


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