Process Journal - "Process of Invention", Arcadia HS 2015 - Part 1

September 17, 2021

Initial design inspiration: Beam advertisement which was displayed on 4 screens at Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. We loved the idea of having the edges of the screens act as barriers or containers.

We asked ourselves how to iterate on the BEAM concept with 6 TV’s and integrate live action performance with interactive media. The first half of the show was designed in portrait mode and the second half in landscape. This presented a number of mechanical and technical challenges to overcome.

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Music arranged & composed by Kevin Shah, Tony Nuñez and Stephen Ridley*

Art Direction & Program Coordination: Tony Nuñez

Video Animation: Adam Adorno

Illustration: Maggie Chiang

Mobile TV design & fabrication: Jeff Doolittle and John Tallon

Media logistics: Jeff Doolittle, Tony Nuñez and Adam Adorno

Additional Animation: Nick Lai

*Original composition: “Prelude” by Stephen Ridley

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